Episode Title: "CHARLIE X" Production Number: 08 Original Air Date: 09-15-66 Stardates: 1533.6, 1533.7

Synopsis: The Enterprise meets the Cargo Vessel Antares to pick up Charles Evans, a human boy found alone on the planet Thasus, where he has lived since age 3 as the only survivor of a transport crash 14 years ago. His closest relatives are on Colony Alpha Five, and the Enterprise is heading that way. The Antares is destroyed shortly after it departs, and other mysterious phenomena start occurring throughout the Enterprise after Charles Evans comes aboard.

The Enterprise crew learns that Charles Evans has acquired the Thasians' reputed powers of transmutation -- the ability to control matter with his mind -- and he takes control of the ship's operations, locking it on course for Colony Alpha Five, until one of the non-corporeal Thasians comes to take the boy back to Thasus, where he cannot do any more damage with the powers the Thasians gave him to survive.

Factoid: The Enterprise has a crew of 428.

Factoid: On Earth today it's Thanksgiving.

Guest Characters: Yeoman Janice Rand, *Charles Evans Alien Races: *Thasian Starships:

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