Ferengi are slight for humanoid races, rarely passing 5 feet in stature. Primary facial features are their ridged nose, razor-sharp fangs, and highly sensitive ears, but their main deviation from ordinary humanoid physiology is the four-lobed design of the brain, whose unusual patterns prevent telepaths such as the Betazoids from reading their mind. Ears The other uniquely Ferengi characteristic is the large ears that are receptive to touch. Their homeworld of Ferenginar has a thin atmosphere, and in time the Ferengi ears grew larger to better receive sound waves. The lobes are receptive to touch, and fondling them, termed oo-mox, is pleasurable to most males. The ears also have fine hairs on them, which with age grows to be lengthy and even shaggy. Hearing is undoubtedly the finest tuned sense of a Ferengi, and the ears unmistakably symbolize their innate "Ferenginess". One who has the "lobes" for something is marked out as gifted. Eating habits Ferengi delight in worms and various insects, preferably alive and squirming. Their small and sharp teeth make them efficient eaters. When young Ferengi need to sharpen dull teeth they use latinum tooth-sharpeners or chew-sticks.

Ferengi logo


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