Beta Fleet: Officers Ranks
Grade Command Medical/Science/Counselor Engineering/Security Marine
0-1 Ensign-red Ensign-blue Ensign-gold 1st
0-2 Ltj-red Ltj-blue Ltj-gold S
0-3 Lt-red Lt-blue Lt-gold G-o3
0-4 Ltcommader-red Ltcommander-blue Ltcommander-gold G-o4
0-5 Commander-red Commander-blue Commander-gold G-o5
0-6 Captain-red Captain-blue Captain-gold 06
0-7 Fc-red Fc-blue Fc-gold (2) G-o6a
0-8 Duty-red Director-blue Duty-gold

Beta Fleet: Flag Ranks
Grade Starfleet General
01 R-a1 G-a1
02 R-a2 G-a2
03 Vice G-a3
04 R-a4 G-a4a
05 Fleet G-a5

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