Starfleet Rank Commander
Species Human
Date Of Birth Unknown
Command Staff Post: CinC of Naval Forces
Commanding Officer USS Sentinel


NAME: James Williams AGE: 35 GENDER: Male EYES: Hazel HAIR: Black Some Grey HEIGHT: 6’3” Wingspan 6 ft Across WEIGHT: 190 MARITAL/PARTNER STATUS: Seeing Someone FAMILY ON BOARD: None, Parents Deceased MARKINGS: Typical human/mutant


LIKES: Cooking, beingaround people, his job, and his command

DISLIKES: Unruly people, lack of disapline in the command structure

SKILLS/ABILITIES: brilliant tactician and skilled at air to air combat in small fighters and a wiz at starship combat tactics

WEAKNESSES: Over rationalizes the situation if its just a simple 1 shot fire fight tends to spend time thinking how he could have improved it and is hard on himself

CULTURAL CUSTOMS: Typical human/mutan

IMPORTANT VALUES: Friendships, relationships, friendships with crew ( ship runs better that way ) and family and loved ones

AMBITIONS: Achived his ambitions to be CinC of a fleet and command of his own ship QUIRKS: neat freak




(Red, Consul) 2381-2383 Secret Service; Ambassador Protection Group

(Red, Admiral) 2385-Present Fleet CinC of BAYCB Naval forces

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