Starfleet Rank Chef, Diplomatic adviser, Morale Officer
Species Talaxian
Planet Rinax, A moon of Talax, in Delta Quadrant
Affiliation Federation
Gender Female
Portrayed Ethan Phillips

Neelix is a jovial male Talaxian, a major species of this far side of the Delta Quadrant, whose wit and instincts have enabled him to survive as a scavenger and merchant. Now he aids our cause admirably after coming aboard with his Ocampa mate, Kes, from her home system. Although he takes good-natured abuse at times for it, he has been invaluable in preparing fresh meals from the flora and fauna of this region in order to ration food replicator power. In fact, for the human "37's," he even researched and came up with 20th-Century comfort foods for all — with none of his usual custom twists added. In addition, his past dealings and travels have yielded invaluable information for our command decisions and strategy. He has begun taking a more active role in senior staff affairs and even held off the Kazon-Ogla when Commander Chakotay and I were absent.

Neelix's chores as self-appointed "chief morale officer" have run the gamut from personal counseling, such as helping Lt. Ayala deal with separation from his children, to a daily inter-ship video program for the crew, "A Briefing with Neelix," begun ca. SD 49483. The latter led to his single-handedly tracking down the Paris ruse to flush out Crewman Jonas as our Kazon informant, risking his life but emerging intact after killing Jonas in a raw plasma stream in Main Engineering after a brawl there.

Neelix has already confronted his past devils coming aboard, admitting that he avoided military service before the 2366 conquest of his home planet Talax. The Haakonian Order forced surrender after it irradiated his family and the rest of the population of the Talax moon Rinax with the Metreon Cascade weapon. The weapon's inventor, Dr. Ma'Bor Jetrel, tracked us down and led us to Rinax in order to use our transporters to attempt to regenerate the remains of Neelix's people. The experience opened up severe old wounds in Neelix, but when Jetrel died of his own metreon radiation poisoning, Neelix granted the guilt-ridden scientist forgiveness. It was a difficult but huge step for our Talaxian crewmate.

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