The New Revelation Fleet
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CINC Fleet Admiral Trebor Antius
DCINC Admiral Michael Darpino
COS Commander Richard Starr
FOO Admiral Alexander Mackenzie

The Starfleet Division of Revelation Fleet, is a special missions task force of the United Federation of Planets Starfleet. Currently three ships are active and are very vital to the successes of the Federaion, but sometimes they are called upon to perform above and beyond the call of regular starfleet duty. While starships like Enterprise, and Voyager bask in the limelight of Starfleet's glory, The ships of Revelation Fleet watch from the shadows. Their motto: "Be ever vigilent, and keep learning from the past, while serving the present and inspireing the future.

We are an AOL/AIM Based roleplaying group, and we offer a wide variety of simmulations to meet anyones fancy. We are constantly recruiting to better the rp so if you are looking for good Star Trek roleplay, you have come to the right place join today, and begin the adventure of a lifetime.

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