Star Trek
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Klingon ProverbsEdit

"All men can handle some adveristy. However, if you really want to test a man's character, give him power". Kahless

Television seriesEdit

For a complete list of episodes, see List of Star Trek episodes. Star Trek originated as a television series in 1966, although it had been in the planning stages for at least six years prior to that. Although The Original Series was cancelled after its third season due to low ratings, it has served as the foundation for five additional Star Trek television series Altogether, the six series comprise a total of 726 episodes and ten theatrical films (with an 11th in the works) across twenty-two different television seasons (twenty-nine, if one separately counts seasons running concurrently), making it the second most prolific science-fiction franchise in history after Doctor Who. See Lengths of science fiction film and television series for more on comparative series lengths.