Episode Title: "THE ENEMY WITHIN" Production Number: 05

Original Air Date: 10-06-66

Stardates: 1672.1, 1673.1, 1673.5, 1673.1

Synopsis: The Enterprise is on a specimen-gathering mission on planet Alpha 177 when Geological Technician Fisher falls into some magnetic ore and beams up to the ship with the ore on his uniform. Kirk beams up moments later, but the transporter malfunctions and creates a duplicate of Kirk with a more hostile personality.

Science Officer Spock and Chief Engineer Scott must find a way to repair the transporter and integrate the two duplicate Kirks before they can beam up the rest of the landing party from Alpha 177, which gets down to 120 degrees below zero at night.

Factoid: Spock is half-human, half-alien.

Factoid: Dr. McCoy keeps bottles of Saurian brandy in Sick Bay.

Dr. McCoy: "He's dead, Jim."

Guest Characters: Yeoman Janice Rand, *Lt. John Farrell, *Geological Technician Fisher

Alien Races: *Alpha 177 quadrupeds


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