Episode Title: "THE MAN TRAP" Production Number: 06 Original Air Date: 09-08-66 Stardates: 1513.1, 1513.4, 1513.8

Synopsis: The U.S.S. Enterprise makes a routine stop at a remote archaeological outpost, on Planet M-One Hundred Thirteen, to check on the health of Professor Bob Crater and his wife, Nancy, who are studying the ruins of an ancient and long-dead civilization. The Craters request a supply of salt tablets, and Captain Kirk becomes suspicious after several Enterprise crewmen are killed and their bodies are found drained of salt.

The Enterprise crew discovers that Professor Crater's wife was killed a year ago by the last of the planet's native creatures, who can read people's minds and assume the image of another person. The creature has been impersonating Nancy Crater, and needs salt to survive. Dr. McCoy is forced to kill the creature before it kills Captain Kirk to drain salt from his body.

Factoid: All research personnel on alien planets are required to have their health certified by starship surgeon at one-year intervals.

Factoid: Dr. Leonard McCoy knew Nancy Crater twelve years ago. Nancy called McCoy by the nickname "Plum."

Factoid: Crewman Darnell knew a girl on Wrigley's Pleasure Planet.

Factoid: Spock's home planet, Vulcan, has no moon.

Factoid: Lt. Uhura speaks Swahili.

Factoid: A Borgia plant is listed as Carbon Group Three vegetation, similar to Earth nightshade family.

Factoid: Space Commander Jose Dominguez at the Starship base on Corant Four is awaiting a delivery of chili peppers by the Enterprise.

Dr. McCoy: "Dead, Jim."

Dr. McCoy: "He's dead."

Guest Characters: *Yeoman Janice Rand, *Lt. Leslie Alien Races: *Vulcan, *M-113 creature Starships: *U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701

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