Thomas Eugene Paris
Starfleet Rank Lieutenant
Species Half-Klingon, Half-Human
Planet Earth
Affiliation Federation
Gender Male
Portrayed Robert Duncan McNeill

Paris, born into a long line of distinguished Starfleet officers, had a troubled relationship with the high expectations of his father, an admiral, who joined his friends and teachers to praise him as a child but remained tough and remote, telling him for instance that crying was a sign of weakness. He managed to graduate from Starfleet Academy after a stormy four years, almost failing stellar cartography as a freshman; he chose Marseilles, France as the site of his physical training second semester. He did hone his natural aptitude for piloting skills on craft large and small and proved adept at holo-engineering.

Despite his family legacy, Paris buckled under to the self-imposed pressure and tried to cover-up an error that caused the deaths of three officers at Caldik Prime; it was only his self-confession at the point he would have been exonerated that netted him a discharge rather than harsher punishment. After leaving Starfleet he turned to the Maquis for fulfillment as a fighter pilot, but was captured by Starfleet on his first mission and this time was sentenced to the Federation Penal Settlement near Auckland, New Zealand, wearing an alarm anklet.

Paris was given a reprieve of sorts in early 237,1 when he was temporarily released from the rehab colony and given a second chance by Captain Janeway, who needed him to scout her new starship through the Badlands in search of her lost security chief who had been undercover among a Maquis crew Paris had served with, led by former Lt. Cmdr. Chakotay. Had he successfully completed the mission Paris could have applied for permanent parole, but ironically he and the rest of the Voyager crew are missing and presumed lost in the Badlands plasma storms, last contact SD.

In later counseling, Paris revealed an unsatisfying relationship with women that has fostered no long-term associations, including a relationship with Susie Crabtree as an Academy freshman and a French woman, "Ricky," met during his Marseilles semester. He also has an affinity for antique Earth ground vehicles and Terran American history and culture, especially of the 20th century, and has enjoyed sailing in true life and in holo-programs.

File Update: Delta Quadrant Addendum Report by Capt. Kathryn Janeway, U.S.S. Voyager

After his actions during the ship's odyssey into the Delta Quadrant and the "Caretaker" encounter, I have granted Paris a field promotion to lieutenant. Given a second chance, he has stood tall, not only keeping the ship safe through his piloting skills but counseling Torres through the wrenching division of her soul and saving his onetime Maquis enemy Chakotay, though his stint as an aide to the EMH Doctor was short.

Before our encounter with the '37s he had never landed a starship of this variety before — I am unclear whether he literally included smaller craft as Runabouts — but he landed within the 2 km range I specified

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