Travis Mayweather
Starfleet Rank Ensign
Species Human
Planet Aboard E.C.S. Horizon, between Draylax and Vega Colony
Affiliation Federation
Gender Male
Portrayed Connor Trinneer

Psychological Profile: Report of Starfleet Medical/Counselor's Office

Born and raised on a long-range transport vessel, Mayweather is one of the "space boomers." His upbringing makes him a talented pilot with an unparalleled instinct for space travel. He also seems to know how to find the interesting sites to see and locate a good time in the middle of nowhere.

Mr. Mayweather still carries with him some guilt over leaving his home ship, the Horizon, to join Starfleet. His father had expected him to one day take over the Draylax-Vega cargo run, but Travis' destiny led him in a different direction.

Biographical Overview

Ensign Travis Mayweather is the NX-01's resident "space boomer" — one of a generation of children born and raised on interstellar cargo freighters, which gives him natural instincts for space travel that surpass those of his crewmates. He is also one of the most skilled pilots of his time, making him uniquely qualified to sit at the helm of Starfleet's first deep-space exploration vessel.

Boundlessly enthusiastic, Travis is still bright-eyed about being in space despite having grown up there. In fact, he can't call a place home unless it comes with a pair of warp nacelles. One of his favorite places on a space vessel is the "Sweet Spot" — a location usually halfway between the grav-generator and the bow plate, where the gravity is null and one can float freely. While growing up he liked to sleep in zero-G, which he describes as "just like being back in the womb." His father kept the artificial gravity on his cargo ship at 0.8 G, because he thought it put a little spring in his step. This, of course, means that normal Earth gravity like that on most starships feels a bit heavy to Travis, but that never slows him down.

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