U.S.S. Eureka NCC-911123
Marshell clss
Vessel Class: Benjamin Class
Registry: NCC-911123
Affiliation: Beta Fleet RPG Starfleet
Current Status: Active
Commanding Officer:Captain Benjeman Washington


Unit Run: U.S.S. Eureka

Mass: 5,700,000 tons

Crew: 1,727+ Civilian and Family Complement

Propulsion: Three Cochrane warp core feeding two warp nacelles; four subatomic unified energy impulse engines


Type: Advanced Exploratory/ Tactical Cruiser Commissioned: 2381-PRES Production: 1 Per Year


12 x Type XII Phaser arrays, total output 85,000 Terawatts, 1 x Rapid fire quantum torpedo turret + 600 torpedoes, 5 x Type 4 Burst Fire photon torpedo tubes + 500 photon torpedoes total Antimatter spread emitter

Defense Systems

Systems Auto modulated shield system, total capacity 4,590,000 TeraJoules

Heavy Duranium/Tritanium double hull plus 10 cm Ablative armor

High level Structural Integrity Field


At Work

Ablative Armor Generators

Multi-Vector Assault Mode

Warp Capabilities

Cruise : Warp Factor 7.7

Maximum Cruise : Warp Factor 9.96

Maximum Rated : Warp Factor 9.98 for thirty six hours


Hull Life: 120

Refit Cycle: Minor : 2 year

Standard: 5 year

Major: 20 year

Dimensions: Length : 980 m

Beam: 492 m

Height: 188 m

Decks: 53


Beta Fleet: Be All You Can Be
Name Post Rank
Benjeman Washington Commanding Officer Captain-red
T'oQ Executive Officer Ltcommader-red
Venhelsing Second Officer Lt-red
None Chief Helm Officer Red-blank
Dwayne Hicks Chief Tactical Officer


None Chief Operations Officer


None Chief Engineering Officer Gold-blank
None Asst. Chief engineering Officer Gold-blank
None Chief Medical Officer Blue Blank
None Chief Science Officer Blue Blank
None Chief Flight Control Officer Red-blank
None Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer Red-blank

Shuttle Complement

Shuttlebays: 4

Captain's Yacht

8 Type-16 Shuttle pods

7 Type-18 Shuttle pods

3 Type-7 Personnel Shuttles

3 Type-8 Personnel Shuttles

6 Type-9 Personnel Shuttles

9 Type-10 Cargo Shuttles

1 Mission Scout

3 Danube-Class Runabouts

2 Flyer Class Runabouts

Deck No Ship Locations

Top Section (part of Primary Hull) 

E Maintenance Access, Primary Sensor control

D Maintenance Access, Torpedo storage, Main Torpedo Room

C Primary Sensor control, Observation Lounge

B Docking Support, Starship Interlink Systems, Primary Hull Deflector Array

A Docking port for Saber-Class Starship Primary Hull Section

1 Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Observation Lounge

2 Captain's Quarters, Senior Officer Quarters, Senior Officer Offices, Executive Officer's Cabin

3 Executive Officers’ Office, Second Officer’s Office, Officer Quarters, Holodecks

1 - 3 4 Flag Officer Cabins, Flag Officer Offices, Romulan Liaison Office, Romulan Liaison Cabin

5 Officer Quarters, Crew Lounges, Deflector Control Springball and Volleyball courts

6 Officer Quarters, Crew Lounges, Ships’ Library

7 Tactical Office, Crew Quarters,

8 Stellar Cartography, Science Labs , Maintenance

9 Crew Quarters, Crew Lounges (Messhalls)

10 Science Labs, Living Quarters, Backup Primary Security, Backup Primary Brig, Backup Primary Armory

11 CIC Offices , Crew Quarters, Crew Lounges

12 Transporter Rooms 1 & 2,Conference Rooms, Crew Quarters, Crew Lounges

13 Operations Center, Crew Quarters, Docking Port

14 Primary Hull Sickbay, Science Labs, Crew Quarters Junior Officers Quarters, VIP/Guest Quarters

15 Maintenance and Crew Quarters, Primary Environmental Control and Life Support

16 Crew Quarters, Primary Computer Core, Shuttlebay 3

17-P Separation Plane and mechanics Secondary Hull Section

17-S Separation Plane and mechanics

18-S Crew Quarters , Enlisted Mess Hall, Secondary Hull Battle Bridge

19-S Crew Quarters, Main Impulse Engines, Main Lounge ( Stargazers) Lvl 2

20-S Main Lounge (Cantina) Lvl 1, Docking Clamps, Main Shuttlebay Lvl 2, Crew Quarters

21-S Crew Quarters, Angel Squadron Office, Main Shuttlebay Lvl 1, Angel Squadron Launch Bay

22-S Holodecks 4-5, Recreational Facilities

23-S Medical Laboratories, Secondary Hull Deflector Array, Secondary Computer Core

24-S Main Sickbay/Secondary Hull Sickbay, Counseling Offices, Decontamination Chamber, Pediatrics Sickbay, Classrooms, Medical Laboratories

25-S Arboretum

26-S Secondary Environmental Control and Life Support

27-S Marine County, Marine Berthing, Marine CO Office

28-S Living Quarters, Transporter Rooms 3 4 & 5

29-S Crew Quarters

30-S Living Quarters, Secondary Security, Secondary Brig, Secondary Armory

31-S Crew Quarters Tertiary Hull Section

17 -T Separation Plane and mechanics

18-T Crew Quarters , Enlisted Mess Hall

19-T Crew Quarters

20-T Crew Quarters

21-T Crew Quarters, Enlisted Mess Hall

22-T Holodecks 6-7, Recreational Facilities

23-T Gymnasium, Pool, Running Track

24-T Tertiary Hull Sickbay

25-T Movie Theater, Crew Quarters

26-T Tertiary Environmental Control and Life Support, Crew Quarters

27-T Crew Quarters, Xeno Biology labs

28-T Living Quarters, Transporter Rooms 3 4 & 5

29-T Crew Quarters, Enlisted Mess Hall

30-T Living Quarters

31-T Living Quarters

32 Shuttle Bay 3 , Torpedo Bay 2 Control & Storage, Captain's Yacht Dock Port

33 Crew Quarters, Cargo Bays

34 Shuttle Bay 4, Cargo Bays , Cargo Transporters 1-5

35 Crew Quarters, Cargo Bays

36 Crew Quarters, Cargo Bays

37 Matter storage pods, Upper core injection assembly

38 Upper Engineering Support Area, Narcelle Control

39 Main Engineering, Cargo Transporter 9

40 Main Engineering, Tertiary Hull Battle Bridge

41 Main Engineering, Ship's Quartermaster's Office

42 Deuterium Storage, Deflector Control, Tertiary Hull Deflector Array

43 Lower Level Torpedo Bay Control, Dorsal Docking Port

44 Deuterium Fill Ports and Storage , Engineering Support

45 Parts Storage, Tertiary Computer Core

46 Antimatter Storage Pods , Environmental Control

47 Antimatter Injection Reactors, Viewing Lounges, Cargo Bays

48 Antimatter Storage Pods, Engineering Support Labs

49 Emergency Batteries, Secondary Antimatter & Deuterium storage

50 Transporter Rooms 6 and 7, Cargo Transporters 6-8

51 Life Support Systems Shuttle Bay 3, Auxiliary Craft Construction & Maintenance

52 Main Security, Main Brig, Main Armory, cargo bays, Waste Management

53 Cargo Bays Industrial Replicators, Torpedo Bay 3 Control & Storage, Tractor Beam Control

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