Site USS Atlantis

The USS Atlantis is an online Star Trek role-playing game, the year is 2385. The Atlantis is a Sovereign-B Class starship, Starfleet registry NX 90216, under the command of Captain Cerisa Chesra and Commander Robert L Feinstein IV.

Although our main history is based within the ST realm, use a Starfleet vessel to travel through space, we also incorporate SG1 genre and the Atlantis legend. These three elements combined literally opens a myriad of possibilities with new and exciting missions which we can create, discovery and write about new worlds, species and yes, find new enemies to engage. There will also be space-time continuum problems, which may cause the Atlantis to be thrust into alternate timelines, parallel dimensions and possibly traveling to the past and future, both our own and alien as well.

We also have some Top positions still open and numerous vacancies available in all Departments including, Engineering, Flight Control, Intelligence, Marines, Medical, Operations, Science, Security and our Starfighter Wing.

The legend has begun, live the legend today!

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