U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656
Vessel Class: Intrepid Class
Registry: NCC-74656
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Current Status:Inactive
Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral Janeway

Voyager in 2371, with a crew of 141, is assigned to track down a Maquis ship in "the Badlands". An alien force called the Caretaker transports both Voyager and the Maquis vessel across 70,000 light-years to the Delta Quadrant, damaging Voyager and killing several crewmembers (including first officer Lt. Cmdr. Cavit, chief medical officer Dr. Fitzgerald and the rest of the medical staff, helm officer Stadi, and the chief engineer). In order to prevent a genocide of the Ocampans, Janeway orders the destruction of a device that could transport Voyager and the Maquis vessel home. Stranded, and with the Maquis ship also destroyed, both crews must integrate and work together for the anticipated 75-year journey home

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